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I made it to Spring Training

F305D7FE-CB93-452D-B817-EEA2164452D8.jpeg I invented a new baseball thumb guard that I just launched in a January. Protects against bat sting, and keeps the bat up in the fingers, not deep in the palm for improved control and bat speed.
I had a number of NCAA players, some MiLB players, and my crowning achievement; a few MLB guys use it this Spring. Pretty neat to see a pro mash a homer while wearing something you developed in your basement.
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How did you come up with this? What sparked the gears grinding?
I had previously invented an aid for violin playing (www.wonderthumb.com)
When my 12 year old nephew put it on, he exclaimed that it was much better than what he had been using (for batting), and that it would be great for baseball. So, I redesigned it (and filed for another patent) for baseball purposes, and have proceeded from there.
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