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I Love Knize Ten. How about the rest of the line?

Knize Ten is a definite in my rotation. I simply think it's a masterpiece.
I have a sample of "Forest" on the way, but I just noticed "Sec" and "Two" also.
Anyone with experience?
I have a sample of Knize Ten and my first exposure to it was just the other day. After about 15 minutes or so I was thinking, "Get this stuff off of me." But I hung in there and not much later my initial reaction had made a complete 180° turnaround. I kept finding myself sniffing my wrists and thinking, " Dayum, I smell good!!" So anyway Knize Ten has been shoved to the top of my must have list and I was wondering about just blind buying Forest. I'm glad you asked this question so I can see what other people think about the other Knize scents.
Knize Ten is one of my favorites. I also like Forest. Was not a fan of Two, but can't remember why. I had the chance to sample them in a store in Vienna a couple of years ago. Don't remember Sec at all either.
I truly love K10, too.

Forest smells something like Simple Green cleaner to me, although it has been a while. Lots of folks really like it. So far, not a favorite of mine, which is not to say those who like it are in any way wrong.

I had a tiny sample, maybe .5 ml, of Two at one point and really liked it. Very powdery as I recall. Perhaps like Habit Rouge. It does not seem like the type of thing I would wear all the time. But I have definitely considered getting a full bottle just to have it. I am a little hesitant to do that based on such a small sample.

I have quite a bit of Sec. I remember liking it a lot, but it did not blow me away as K10 does. Seems more ordinary. I will have to get it out and may report further.
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