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I love Duke Cannon Ice Cold After Shave Balm!

So I have been using this balm for about 3 months. I bought a 6 oz bottle at Walgreens for about $11. For me performance is more important than scent. I find it very soothing, and not to greasy. It has a nice menthol kick. I like to use Aqua Velva Ice Blue first. I keep mine in the fridge for extra cooling. After about 10 minutes I use the balm. If I don't wait, my eyes water from menthol overload! Scents are very much a matter of taste. But some say that This balm smells like Vicks vapo rub. To me it just smells minty. However the minty smell goes away in a few minutes. After that I can't really smell anything. But I don't want a strong scent on my sensitive skin anyway. I find that this balm helps to moisturize the skin. Also help razor burn. I think it is also a great value as long as you don't buy it from amazon. In my area I have found it at CVS and Walgreens. It is sometimes available at Target. The ingredients are: water,glycerin,shea butter, glyceryl dilaurate,methyl gluceth-20,fragrance,tea tree oil,baobab oil,tamanu oil,menthol,dimethicone,and acrylates. Above the ingredients list it says that most ladies will fine the fresh scent of bergamot and sandalwood rather appealing. But I can't really smell those scents. However, my sense of smell is not the greatest. But my 2 kittens seam to like it! Another thing I like about this is that part of the proceeds benefit the U.S. veterans. Anyhow, I highly recommend Duke Cannon After Shave Balm. Have a great day! Have a great shave! P.S. Never let a cat lick your face right after you shave! It feels like sand paper.
I’m curious to try some of their shave stuff, as I REALLY enjoy their Buffalo Trace soap.
The soaps and all are nice, but their shave stuff is pretty mediocre. There's a lather cream ("Superior Grade Shaving Cream") that works with a brush, though it's a bit thin. I haven't tried the shave gels, though they look pretty much in line with most canned shave gels.

That Ice Cold Aftershave Balm is probably my favorite balm on the market, though. Never feels oily or heavy.
I use this a lot and keep a few bottles handy. (I have a purely speculative fear it will go out of stock for some reason.)

I enjoy it. Bottles are 9.00 or so. I actually just threw some on. I love the menthol kick.
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