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I like big gaps and I cannot lie

I find the main advantage of large gaps in a DE razor isn't in aggressiveness (there is a loose correlation) but in the fact they don't clog as easy.

Great point, my Ikon slant got clogged so much that I had to loosen the handle to clear it between each section of my face. I'm wondering now if that contributed to the screw on the top plate failing.

Has anyone else found that keeping the guard slightly off or just lightly touching the skin makes a huge difference with larger gaps?
R41 has a blade gap of just
0.30-0.35 mm .

Blade gap has little to do with
efficiency and “aggressiveness” .

( Where :
Efficiency =length and/ or amount of stubble left after a pass .

Aggressiveness = The amount of safety the razor provides .
How easy it can cause an injury and the level of injury caused .)
Razors with large blade gaps can be rather hit and miss for me. The 3One6 is a real winner. With a 1.35mm gap and neutral exposure it gives a wonderfully smooth but efficient shave.
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