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I just sorted out my shave den - show us yours.

Hi guys
While I’m on holiday I have switched to a night time shave...
As I had more time I thought I would clean and sort out my corner of the allotted real estate that is my shave den.

That’s about half of it and the stuff I use the most The rest is in the lingerie drawers to the left and has about 12 different drawers that I’m slowly filling up with shave stuff.....

That ceramic Camembert container I use as a soap locker and has Windsor Grooming shave stick in it. The white ceramic container has Arko smooched into it.

And yes it seems like I am doing my bit to keep the Proraso corporation afloat. It’s cheap and consistently good. Not great but good ..... actually i really like it. Especially the red. The Green is great if I am feeling an bit congested.

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Nice. I will often shave at night as well, as I am in too much of a rush for a good SR shave most mornings.

I don't really get to have a "den". Just a corner in the medicine chest, and about ten boxes full of stuff that doesn't get used.


The Aussie Bulldog
image.jpeg image.jpeg This is my allocated patch of real estate. All other shaving gear is stored in plastic containers in cane baskets out of the way. It pales into comparison to some of the other dens that I have seen on this forum. I am almost embarrassed to show the photo's.
Everything except for what’s on deck for tomorrow.


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After 40 years I am pleased to return to wet shaving. Got to admit, I forgot just how therapeutic the process is.
Anyway this is what I have so far, I plan to buy few more razors and accessories.
No, it will not become an obsession. :001_smile

My tiny island of sanity in a crazy world:


And if we're going to call them dens, then we need a guardian animal. The big black mini-sabertooth is named Wolf, and while he rarely is present while I shave, he's usually there to supervise when I brush my teeth and slap on my cologne:

This accounts for about 98% of my stuff. Normally 3 tubs of the soaps/creams reside in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom along with the witch hazel, alum, styptic pencil and preshave oil. The razor/brush stand also permanently resides on a shelf in the bathroom to hold the razor and brush used that day and the lather bowl last used. I also have some duplicate unopened tubs and tubes of cream and soap and witch hazel stored in the basement. I’m thinking of creating some free standing boxes of shelves to put on the dresser to help organize the soaps, creams and aftershaves better. But this works for now. Everything is easily inventoried and accessible for daily use.

926B974F-9B30-4082-B026-C9C542084D85.jpeg F10491FD-918A-46FD-A0B1-D73164AE7422.jpeg
This is my allotted space in the bathroom. Enough for the shave of the day a some daily necessities in the medicine cabinet.

6629A090-3F92-475C-9708-9B9B1FABCFBF.jpeg 91CC5EB8-5821-4C6E-9D5C-E3F5CC14831B.jpeg
(Finally properly going through this sub-forum)

I have some serious envy in this thread!

Here is my allotted space:

And here is the rest of my stash:

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