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I Just Ordered My First Shavemac Brush. Any Thoughts?

If anything, you may wish you had a 24/48 ratio, but the 24/50 will be fine. The loft should have nothing to do with scritchy. If the hair is scritchy, it won't matter what loft you set it, at least IMO. The D01-2 band is my preferred knot over most any other knot. It is dense and a scrubber in a good way. The D01-3 band as you mentioned is very similar to a Chubby Best or similar dense knot that feels like a cloud of badger. Your new Shavemac will be absolutely nothing like your Simpson Tulip 3 with a 22/51mm knot. It is a good thing to have variety.

With all that said, congratulations, I think you will love it!
I just realized the Simpsons Tulip 3 that I have actually has a 24.5/52 knot in Super, not a 22/51 like the newer ones I see listed. It looks like I should be getting my Shavemac D01 2-band brush set at 24/50 around next Monday.
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My Shavemac D01 2-band brush has arrived. I have not used it to shave yet but I am impressed with it’s construction & I like the way it feels. Shavemac also threw in a 60g disc of shave soap.


Shavemac brushes are just quality stuff. Enjoy. Oh, and nice Avatar. B.S. Accounting 1987; J.D. Paul M. Hebert 1991. Geaux Tigers!
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