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I Just Ordered A Timeless Titanium Razor!!! Crown Handle! .095 Blade!

Here it is... Side by side with the Edwin Jagger 3 one 6

The handle for the timeless fits nicely on the EJ. And the new razorock handle also fits like a glove on the timeless as seen here.

Boy do they look nice.


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Nice, now tell us about your audio system. :001_tt1:
It's... THE BOMB!!!

Gotta love Polk SDA on the SRT. That is the tall black full-tower size one.
Anyone who has heard sda on polk audio speakers during the sda era need no words to describe the magic it brings to the sound it produces. No other speakers can match the dimension sda brings to sound.

The red speaker is a Salk Speaker SS8 which uses a ribbon tweeter.
The Bass and hights are totally awesome. The mid-range is excellent for TV and movies for it's dialogue , however it could be too bright on some audio recordings.

The mid-size gloss black speaker is the vapor audio stiff breeze speaker that uses a ribbon Tweeter.
It has an open baffle in the back which allows the speakers to produce some impressive lows for it's size. But it can deffinetly use a sub when you want remarkable lows.
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