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I just finished reading "Great Expectations"

How the dickens are you abel to read Great Expectations.
You should try the Bar of Avon instead, the Scrumpy can be a mind blowing experience.


I reread this a few months ago and I am half-convinced I never finished it the first time (Middle school) as I just did not remember the last bit. On the reread - it does not help that Pip is just so unlikeable through about 80% of the novel. I do get the point in many ways that's what makes the end more perhaps remarkable, but it is a long slog through the dreary inexplicable disdain towards "common people" due to an accident of "random" wealth through way too much of the novel to make it a "fun read" :/
I did Great Expectations earlier this year as an audiobook -over 50 years after Cliff's Noting/faking my way through it as required junior HS reading. I hadn't retained any of it save the cobwebbed cake .. It wasn't bad in segments while on the daily walk.


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I just cannot get into books written in the 19th century or even early 20th century. I love horror and really wanted to like Dracula and Frankenstein. They were good but so hard to read.

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