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I just bought a Hoffritz slant!

I'm going to document my "razor" results with these slants on this thread. For both the Hoffritz and the 37C. Seems like they're picky razors when it comes to blades. Or my face is the picky one, I don't know, Lol!!
Anyways, so far I've used Gillette Platinum, Merkur Super and Wilkinson (German) in the Hoffritz. The Gillette was silky smooth and gave a fantastic shave. This is typical for the Gillette Platinum on most razors. The only razor I've seen that didn't like the GP's was the Schick Krona. Weird!
The Merkur Super was all around horrible as I had previously posted. Pure tugging & rough. Terrible for me!
The Wilkinson was fantastic. Same as the GP but with a tad less smoothness and a bit more sharpness.
In the 36C, so far I've tried the GP and Personna (German). The GP was awesome. Same results as the Hoffritz!
The Personna felt like a Feather blade. Too sharp which resulted in a super close & lasting shave but left my face feeling less than perfect.
Feathers give me the same issue where I end up feeling like it took a layer off of my skin.
Tonight I'll be trying a Bic Chrome Platinum on one of those two.
We'll see!
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Two shaves last night and tonight with the Hoffritz and the 37C.
Used the Bic Chrome platinum!
Excellent on both razors. Close, smooth and glasslike face results.
Bic's are in my top 3 blades (Bic, German Wilkinson's & Gillette Platinum) and they
always seem to work great with most razors. They are sharp like Feather's after the
first shave but stay smooth. I'm looking forward to receiving the German Dovo blades
this week to try them out. I ordered my usual Proraso sandallwood after shave from Pasteur
and decided to try some new blades. Besides the Dovo's I also ordered some German Croma
Diamant's and some Gillette Rubie's.
Since I'm set with razors, I'm experimenting with more blades now. I literally have at least two
dozen different brands and haven't tried any of them, LOL!!
Time to bring them out!
I'm participating in September's Grume so I'll be getting more different types of blades later on.
Shave report on the 37C with the new Made in Germany Dovo blades!
2 pass WTG/XTG. Very very near BBS results. Amazingly smooth and sharp blades!
These will definitely be in my rotation.
Strange that the old German Merkur blades are so bad and these are so good even though Dovo is linked with Merkur.
The Merkur's are now made in the Czech republic and the Dovo's are still made in Germany.
Tomorrow I'll try one out in the Hoffritz.
I also received some German Croma blades to try this week!

Unrelated to the blades:
One thing to note about the 37C (nothing's perfect) is that it clogs easily. And the moment it does, it tugs like crazy!
So what I do is every time I pass the razor through my face I rinse that side and continue the shave. The Hoffritz does not do this! Must be because of the increased gap vs. the 37C.
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