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I joined the big leagues with a holy grail razor

The act is all, Brother @Guido75.

The precious gift was that power which moved the spirit of our Brother @Butch Waxx to act in such a kindly way.

Mighty and wonderful things happen on B&B.

All of us who have been the grateful recipients of such acts can attest to that.

There lies the beauty and the wonder of it.
Hear, hear, Simon. I do believe it’s a thing of wonder. Here we are thousands of miles apart and yet tuning in to the same frequency and be brought together by it. Certainly feels more connected than some live in person meetings - and yes even for that YMMV is true!


Sorry I missed this yesterday, but congrats anyway! That is the razor, in combination with a Bic, that I referred to as "shaving with a laser!"
(it can just as efficiently remove layers of skin with a heavy hand)
No need to apologise Aaron! And thanks!

I like that Shaving with a Laser!


I have no BICs in stock, but I do intend to try a Feather.


(it can just as efficiently remove layers of skin with a heavy hand)

Yep, been there, discovered that, totally done that. Lets just say say, I lost some old skin, my body made me new skin to replace it. Once I realized that I had a possible potato peeler in my pocessesion, I wised up about what I was doing. And thats when I discovered, that the Timeless TI95 razor, works best when you use a light touch. Go heavy with it, its gonna peel skin, and your going to be saying, oh hello weeper, where's my stiptic pencil? HAHA 😂
TL;DR = I received a new razor which was at the top of my most wanted list.

Imagine. An office and office desk. Behind that office desk is me working on a survey report. I get my lunch pack out and take a peek on B&B to see if there is anything new. I see that I have received a message from one of the brothers and one with whom I have regular contact. He asks me for my mailing address.

My response in hindsight was kind of funny, because I thought he was referring to mail email address and jokingly I make a remark about not doing anything funny or something like that. His response however blew my mind away :eek2::ohmy:.

He suggested to send me a razor, that wasn't getting enough mileage in his den and asked if I was interested. And if I wasn't than that would be totally fine as well. In the past few months, I have had the privilege of receiving a couple of razors from very generous B&B brothers, and so at first I had the same initial reaction of slightly feeling uncomfortable :blushing:. But I have learned to accept PIF for what it is. However, he also send along a picture of said razor and after that I could only gasp for air. I wasn't even capable of forming sentences - everything was back to stuttering and single syllables.

Because what he offered me was nothing short of the number one razor on my most wanted list :drool:! After I caught my breath again, I told him I was literally over the moon and in total shock about his super generous offer and kindness. We exchanged details and with the help of two fine B&B brothers (a huge thank you to @Rosseforp and @Curly Straight for their postal advise! :thumbup:) a small package set out on a course from the US to the Netherlands.

I think I must have hit the refresh button on the tracking page about every other hour to see if there was any progress when last week things started moving again with the message that the package has made it to the Netherlands and needed to clear customs - which took another week and then today was delivery day!!!

So without further ado - please take a look at this:

I GOT A TIMELESS TITANIUM 95 !!!!! with a scalloped baseplate and Crown Handle WHAAAAAA!!!! :001_wub::001_wub::001_wub::001_wub::001_wub: And not only that, I also received the matching stand!!

I am gob smacked and truly, truly grateful for what has happened to me and the huge gift I received today. As you can imagine I think the world of this fine gentleman.

So, dear, dear, dear @Butch Waxx - what you have done is beyond words to me and beyond anything I could have ever hoped or prayed for. It is such an act of random kindness and a superb example of why this community, this little virtual village called B&B touches my soul. I joined just a couple of months ago thinking I would thank someone for a shaving technique, maybe pick up a few other techniques and suggestions and then that would be it. But the camaraderie, the gentlemanly communications, the kindness, the caring and supporting each other is truly remarkable. And this PIF thing is one aspect I have not gotten used to yet (well giving is easy, but the receiving part I find harder...).

Every shave with this magnificent razor will be in your honor and I truly believe you are a blessed human being and an example to others. If there were more people like you and other brothers the world would definitely be a better place.

@Butch Waxx - thank you from the bottom of my heart :ouch1:. I gave her an extra buffing and she is radiant. I think we will both have a great time during tomorrow's shave.

And the story actually doesn't end there - but that is for another day! :cuppa::001_rolle
That is a super generous gift!
Kudos! @Butch Waxx

Wishing you many great shaves to come with this beautiful razor @Guido75 😀

Definitely a generous gift but I don’t get the “big league” reference. There is no heirarchy in shaving; inexpensive razors shave as well as expensive razors and, as we all know and recite “ymmv”. If it works well for you it’s a great razor for you, but that’s as far as it goes.
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