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I have to discontinue using my Beautytrack DE

Good afternoon all.

I went back to using my Beautytrack DE razor but for some reason the razor has 'deteriorated' slighty and as someone pointed out on another thread, the blade is not sitting true in the head. And subsequently I gave myself a few horrid nicks with it this morning.

Because of this I think my razor has developed a defect and I will not be using it again, but given the low price £6 its not worth worrying about.

I will just go back to using my Mach 3 until I treat myself to a better razor on my birthday this month. I still really have my heart set on the Merkur 39c Sledgehammer.

When I do get it I'll post pics of it and my experience of using it in due course.

I’m sure it’s going to be a bit more expensive than £6, but with proper care and a little bit of good luck (don’t drop it!) the Merkur 39C should be able to provide you with a lifetime of comfortable shaves.

If you favor mild-medium razors, I would reccomend taking a close look at the Fatip Gentile or SB (Piccolo or Grande). A very smooth and yet very efficient little fellow.

And happy birthday!
Rinse and dry is also what I do, I don’t think you need much more than that after each shave.

And yes, it sounds like he has his heart set on the Merkur, solid choice, so go for it and I hope you enjoy it!

Have yourselves a great Sunday!
Thanks to all for your replies

My Beautytrack razor has indeed been taken care off. Given the bargain basement price I paid for my razor I wasn't expecting miricles from it, but it has died this morning. And I have NEVER dropped it. It has been looked after very well.

Never mind. My birthday isn't until the 27th this month. My wife and I are looking forward to shopping for the 39c on my birthday.

Watch this space.

You will join the legions of us who started with a Merkur and who still return to the brand on a regular basis. I started out with a 38, which is the plain-DE version of the 39 you're seeking. My son now uses it. It was a good razor but I always wanted to put a different handle on it. I also have a vintage 37 and another vintage Merkur arriving in the mail. The more I dig into Merkur, the more I appreciate how pivotal the brand was "back in the day."

I've lately figured out how to put a different handle on a 2-piece razor. Or at least a way to do it...however I may not have the technical chops to do it myself. Planning to pick up a 37 off the BST sometime and fiddle with it...

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