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I have a confession to make

Out of my brushes (1 boar, 2 pure badger, and 1 silver tip), I think I like the boar brush the most. It makes a really good lather and feels good on my face. The doesn't retain much water but that doesn't bother me much. I face lather so I just dip it in the water whenever I need more.
many like boar knots. Don't feel bad. It's just a preference about hair.

Don't forget that not all badgers are equal.
Do you soak the boar brush before shaving? Very important to soften the bristles, so that they don't break off easily.
A broken-in boar brush can be a beautiful thing. Soft in the tips, with enough backbone to get the job done. I prefer synthetics and lower-grade badger myself, but I have a committed love for my first brush- a $5 VDH boar from walmart.
I believe my Semogue SOC in cherry is magical. If Gandalf or Merlin had one, they would be as clean shaven as a newborn babe . . . :001_tongu

Well, almost. If I ever get that knot set into a custom handle from Rudy Vey or Wolf Whiskers, then it will be truly magical indeed!
I fill the sink /w hot water and put my brush and cup in it while I shower.
When I'm ready to shave after showering, my brush and cup are all warmed up.
I've been on a boar kick lately, and IMHO boar is a very attractive alternative to badger. For folks who prefer the stiffer badger knots such as pure, finest and best, it can be hard not to love boar especially given the price. I go back and forth. I've got several badgers that I couldn't neglect for too long even while enjoying the boar!
My favorite brush is a beat up old cheapo VDH boar that I got at CVS. I suspect that often people are just being snobby with their brush preferences.
I got my 2013 BB boar in my Christmas stocking and have been using it ever since. It's as soft as my silver tips IMO, but I wish it held more water and heat.
I prefered boar to badgers too until I got my Simpson 58 Best badger. Wish I still preferred boar though, they're much cheaper ;)
I prefered boar to badgers too until I got my Simpson 58 Best badger. Wish I still preferred boar though, they're much cheaper ;)

I have a AOS silvertip that I really love and that I use with creams but my favorite is still the crappy old VDH boar. I think I just like how the tips are velvety soft but the bristles have a decent amount of stiffness. It lathers the most resistant soaps and feels like a face massage. The silvertip feels like a kitten on my face, which is pleasant enough, but the boar feels like a nice rub down soothing my tired face muscles or something.
My favorite brush is a Semogue Owners Club (SOC) boar. If that had been my first brush, I not sure I would ever have purchased another one. But as it is I have several others as well.

One of the BIG myths of shaving that I heard when I first started wetshaving was that badger is better than boar. Not so.
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