I hate to say it but...

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    rabidus was right. :001_07::a11: I love the ATT SE1. It's absolutely fantastic. Injector easy honestly. Sigh... lol
  1. I agree. The ATT SE1 is one of my favorites.
  2. Agree, I really like my SE1. IMO, it gives you the great shave and blade durability of the Feather AC blades in a much more friendly and easy to use package than the Feather AC razor.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Just used it this morning, mowed down a two day growth with ease. The best thing about it is the efficiency it has without burn or harshness
  5. Its smooth, efficient, and not harsh in any way. I've got Prolines in it. I'm going to use it again tomorrow and after that too ;) not bringing it camping or on the plane next week tho.
  6. I also have the SE2 plate, I might try that after i get back :)
  7. Gosh darn it...should have kept scrolling.
  8. Day 2, yea, i am never going to get rid of this one either. I have to admit a lot of MY DE are collecting dust these days. My Wunderbar went with me for a trip to NC for a week. That is a great DE. Some of my others tho, liek my beautiful Ascension, aren't getting any love, and might not again.

    Back to the SE1, I put a bigger handle on it, as it came with the Atlas, and quickly realized that is not a good idea. I love the Atlas handle, don't get me wrong, but it looks disproportionate tot he size of the head. I have a Facon barber pole handle that matches the finish and size perfectly. Wow, bad idea. It's heavy like that, relatively speaking. I could actually feel the strain on my wrist when I was done. Back to the Atlas!
  9. Love my SE1. It gets me DFS or DFS+ in two passes, and it one of a few razors I own where I always feel confident when the urge arises for a third pass ATG.
  10. I'd agree with @rabidus on AC blade flipping. Never tried the ATT, but just completed 25 shaves on an AC blade with flipping. That's twice normal for me.
  11. Yes! It caught me too, haha!
  12. It was a trap I set for you all!
  13. You'll get use to the weight after a few shaves, @Tokyospike has a massive handle on his SE1. I prefer the size and weight of the Atlas, but would rather it have regular knurling like the Kronos. I use the Atlas though.
  14. I'm totally ok with the Atlas. I will get use to the appearance. I want to take it with me on my trip but i am scared it will not make it. I believe it is another week of injectors for me LOL
  15. I'm relatively new to the SE1. My first ac razor. I'm getting some burn on my neck with a 3 pass shave. Not sure I understand the right angle for this razor. Perhaps I'll switch handles. I find the Calypso handle very long. I don't see why travelling with this razor would be a problem if there are no blades in it.
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    I don't have the SE1, but love the SE2. But, of course, I'm a sucker for open combs, and always seek the most blade forward/aggressive/efficient razor I can find.
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    Yes, the Maggard MR3 is almost the heaviest handle they make. And only 3 inches long. I like inertia. And a good grip.

    The best angle for me is the shallowest angle. That’s why they call me . . .

  18. 'shallow angle.' what is this relative to? That is, where is 'no angle' that makes this angle shallow? Is it 'shallow' from the handle pointing straight at the wall, and the cap flat on the face? Or is it shallow from the handle pointing at the floor and the cap at ninety degrees to the face? I think it's the former, but not sure. Thanks!
  19. “Shallow angle” is starting with just the cap on your face, then pivoting it down until the blade just touches your face. That is the beginning of the cutting window and the “shallow” angle (hence the saying “riding the cap”). On a razor with positive blade exposure, any angle with mostly cap and blade touching your face is “shallow”. Any angle with mostly blade and razor guard touching your face is “steep” (hence the saying “riding the guard”).

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