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I hate shower shaving

Now that I have moved into our retirement home 2 years ago, I have been starting to enjoy at least 50% of my shaves at the sink. Before I sold the family home, I strictly shower shaved for more than a decade, using all types and manner of razors.

A shower shave is enjoyed more with a bit of pre planning set up. Like a rubber mug to rinse the cartridge, DE or SE razor off in when the water is shut off. A Navy shower head with a quick on and off button also helps when rinsing a straight or shavette. And several shelves, conveniently located to hold stuff helps also.

For years, I used a simple, cheap $5 mirror from Walmart which was suctioned cup to the glass shower door. A bit of shampoo or cream rinse on the finger and then rubbed on the mirror, always seemed to perfectly work in keep it fog free. I now, have a ceiling light in the shower in the new home and a mirror which holds warm water behind the glass in order to equalize the temperatures of the glass and shower which keeps it fog free.

Now I am retired and never in a rush to do anything, I just seemed to naturally gravitate to shaving at the sink more often.
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I bought a small mirror to shave with, but it fogs up all the time.
I used to have the same problem.
Now i just rub a tiny amount of shampoo or liquid handwash soap on the mirror & spread it around with a little water. Then let it drip dry. For the next week I will have no fogging. Repeat every week.
I have tried shower shaving, I do a quick shave just to save time but it is a little uncomfortable especially if I'm just doing a line up on my beard.
When I'm not home, my entire shave kit consists of a Super Speed and a blade.

Whatever soap is available in the shower is adequate
and I don't need a mirror or aftershave.
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