I got a scuttle!

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    After years of face lathering, I finally decided I wanted to get a scuttle to lather in. I wanted to try something different. So bopping around the General forum here I decided I wanted a double walled scuttle for that cozy warm lather. Being kind of cheap, (OK maybe more than kind of), I ordered a QShave black scuttle. Not as pretty as the fancy handcrafted scuttles, still decent.

    What a revelation in how my lather feels! This is the bomb for winter shaving for sure. No more cold lather for me guys!

    QShave scuttle, QShave Futur clone razor, (seemed fitting), reknotted Ever Ready 300
    New scuttle
  1. Enjoy. I do mine.

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  2. I have the exact same scuttle. It’s excellent. Enjoy.

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  3. Have fun!
  4. Very nice scuttle and a great razor !!
  5. johnwick

    johnwick Contributor

    Wonderful winter purchase! Congrats!
  6. ajkel64

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    Well done on the scuttle. Enjoy the warm lather in the winter months.
  7. Nothing like warm lather from a scuttle in wintertime!
  8. I use a Q-Shave scuttle too, and really like it. I imagine scuttles made with thicker walls would hold-in the heat longer, but you can't beat the price of a Q-Shave.

    I always shave right after my evening shower. I fill the scuttle with hot water from the sink before getting in, and again right after getting out. That works quite well.
  9. If you guerrilla finger push the silicon stopper into the water hollow these are a better replacement;
  10. Nice!! :a14::a14:
  12. Very nice, enjoy!
  13. Amazon. I'll post an exact link when I can.
  14. Nice scuttle and your warm lather is great in winter. The description says extra deep bowl so not sure if the brush handle will knock on the bowl.
    Very good price so that is another plus.
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  15. This is why I just bought a brush scuttle from PAA, no worry of the brush falling in.

    Although if you bowl lather (I don't) then this would likely not be the scuttle for you.
  16. Even if you continue to face lather, the scuttle will keep your brush warm between coats.
  17. Hi,

    Been working on bowl lathering, it's turned out to be a bit more complicated than it would first appear. The only really good bowlful I've gotten is with new Williams. It's rich, creamy smooth, and long lasting. My RR Tobacco, on the other hand, is proving recalcient. It produces a lot of bubbly foam. Slick enough to shave with, but not really satisfying.

    Only difference is, I went from a very stiff Omega synthetic for the hard Williams to the badger and the RR croap. Oh well, learning new things is fun.
  18. That’s surprising to hear that your struggled with a RR Croap. Although they’re scents don’t really do it for me, I’ve always had an easy time getting them to lather.

    Although I am strictly a face latherer.....nothing like a wire bristle face brush for some texture.

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