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I give up.

I came home to find my C&E order. I put my new Lime soap into my nice AOS bowl and started to lather for an evening shave. I simply could not build a good stable lather. I tried loading it different ways and really really load it good. I even let some water on top of the puck sit there trying to soften it but to no avail. I mean the lather worked but provided little cushion.

I am thinking of writing C&E a letter to complain. My Nomad worked great though
Yeah I had a new formula puck of Sienna and it is the only puck of soap I have ever thrown away! Loved the scent but absolute garbage in terms of performance.
I have the Nomad soap in a wood bowl and it works great. The WI Lime cream in the tube works well too. I have not tried the lime shave soap due to reviews of it exactly like this. I got burned similarly on GFT Eucris and Almond, avoid those soaps as well.
Try a different brush. For example my SOC boar(bottome right) won't work in Mike's soap but my custom floppy and another are great in it.


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Some years ago I liked C&E quite a bit. My oldest son would send me a Christmas package with their soaps and creams. Then a few years ago the same soaps that were great were not so great. Two years in a row I could not get a decent lather from their Sandalwood soap - which at one time was one of my favorites. I did not have the box the old soap came in so I don't know if they changed their forumula.
I got C&E West Indian Lime as a present a little over a year ago, and it's one of my favorites. I hope it hasn't been reformulated since then!
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