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I Freaked Out.

I noticed this an immediately freaked in amazement, both at the bottle before me and the price it had. Anyone know what this is? Real? P&G re-attempt? Indian perhaps? Bloody expensive though!

I can't speak to this however, West Coast shaving has the real deal. The small bottle is the glass of old with the white button top. So is the 150ml bottle (with the white button top) even though their website shows the atomizer lid. Their price is only $17.00. I ordered several items so the shipping would not cost too much.
One of these days I will have to venture into this online shopping game, all these things are popping everywhere that I remember easily buying years ago but can not find anymore.
Well, whatever you do online, best to avoid that website that walmart fronts. They sell a single 2.25 oz stick of Old Spice deodorant for $14 (reg. price $18 with a $11 shipping) and drugstore.com sells the 3.25 oz version for $4 and whatever shipping is.

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