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Okay, I've started using Nylon washers between the "Bottom Plate" and the handle because I've read that many of you do. It only took 3 trips to Ace Hardware to get the right size. Too, funny!

I didn't buy them to keep the handle from marring the finish of the "Bottom Plate" on my stainless steel razors. I don't care about that. I don't plan on re-selling.

I think I purchased the washers to keep from putting too much torque on the small screw of the "Top Plate". At least, it's what I'm telling myself. I read on the InterWeb that the washer helps?

I also know, Zamak razor's plating can, over time, begin to Crack at this juncture. I don't know how the screw is attached on Pot Metal "Top Caps" or, how sturdy the connection is? I've never had one fail, but it could happen.

I only have one Zinc razor head, the Merkur 23C. I don't use it much since getting my RR GC 68-P and GC 84-P. It will probably get re-gifted.

Anyway. Is this worthwhile doing, or have I just waisted a couple $$?


we don’t waste $ on this forum sir. It merely the cost of our enjoyment!


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No washers here. I like the use marks on my tools. I don't buy into them keeping less torque on the screw either. The torque required to tighten everything down is the torque required. Adding a washer won't change that.
Unless the washer is made of "Tempur Pedic!"
Get a Henson. It has a built in Tungsten bushing which is press fitted into the baseplate. After 18 months, not one mark is showing on the bushing. Well thought out and engineered razor. I too have lost many washers on my other 40 3 piece razors.
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