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I don't want a Muhle R41

If you ever have wondered if it is a YMMV thing... Look what I just found in the "new post" overview list...

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Fatips work great at a very steep angle. Do what you want to, but don't think they require a shallow angle.

Fatips (when they need to be which is uncommon) can be aligned in a few seconds once you get used to doing it (which is almost always not necessary).

Get yourself a FOCS! Another good option is the non-slanted Fatip Grande. The bigger fatter handle is better according to me, but some prefer the too skinny Piccolo. YMMV.

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Steep angle! Guards are the guides for your skin.


Open combs are not necessarily aggressive hence the 3ONE6 which has a large blade gap but negative blade exposure
Hi, a fellow Turkish shaver mentioned 3one6 recently and commented it was even more aggressive than the Razorock 37 German Slant. I couldn't believe it that a negative exposure razor could best a semi open comb head.
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