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I don't understand

Yes it is nice to have a soap that smells nice while you shave but is it really all that important when that scent fades quickly as soon as your done shaving and then put on after shave?
I pick soaps I think will smell good, and stick with the ones that do, because I want to enjoy every moment of every shave. I never liked the smell of Cella, but of course I had to try it out a few years back. It lathered like a champ, and the shave was exceptional, but I found myself dreading putting the brush to my face. Couldn't wait to be done with the tub. Of course, I could have just gotten rid of it, but I'm extremely frugal, one might say.
I like my soap and aftershave to complement one another. today was chiseled face ghost town barber and clubman. Yesterday was wholly kaw vetililac and lilac vegetal.


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Yes it is nice to have a soap that smells nice while you shave but is it really all that important when that scent fades quickly as soon as your done shaving and then put on after shave?

IMO, yes and no. I like a nice smelling soap to enjoy during the shave, and all else being equal, I'll always pick the nicer (to me) smelling soap. There are so many good soaps today with a seemingly endless array of scent profiles, so finding a great performer in a scent you love is pretty easy.

As far as post shave scent strength? I really dont care all that much if the shave soap scent fades. Soaps are not meant to be EdC's/EdT's, thats why those products exist. (I feel the same way about aftershave, the scent is meant to fade relatively quickly, not stick around all day).

There is however what seems like quite a few in this hobby that clamor for stronger and stronger scent strengths from shave soaps/creams. Fortunately for them, some soap makers have listened. L&L for example has upped their scent strength on some of their products to (literally) eye watering levels. Unfortunately for others, this can lead to skin irritation and in extreme cases nausea (ask me how I know).

So, it is what it is and comes down to, as always, YMMV
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Soap scents can be a polarizing topic around here...
But, just as an experiment, get a stick of Arko, a bit of Cella, a couple of samples of Stirling or Captain's Choice or Stone Cottage an a puck of Williams...
You'll find that they all lather and shave well but some might be more pleasant to spend time with under your nose.
I like the lather from Arko but I only tolerate the scent. I like the lather from Williams but there is virtually no scent.
When I use a Stirling or another strongly scented soap, I enjoy the scent as I shave....
I often try to find a complimenting AS or Balm, but if not... c'est la vie.
it's that whole body sensory experience for me..
Yes it is nice to have a soap that smells nice while you shave but is it really all that important when that scent fades quickly as soon as your done shaving and then put on after shave?

Of course it is important, why in the world would anyone want to use a soap if they don't like the smell? Life is too short and there are too many options to settle for a foul smelling lather.
Yes it is nice to have a soap that smells nice while you shave but is it really all that important when that scent fades quickly as soon as your done shaving and then put on after shave?

When i started wetshaving 4+ months ago, i thought that scents would be the last of my concerns. I didn't expect very complicated scents either. Since then, ironically, i have grown 1) worried of overcomplicated scents (cologne-like), 2) unbelievably bad scents and 3) Scents that smell "boredom", because i can't pick any clean ingredient in them, totally flat. So, to my big surprise, this my sum up until now:

- Proraso blue: "boredom scent". I would have much preferred if it had a clean soapy scent.
- Arko: only did a test lather. Very slick, unbelievably bad scent. Again, i would have preferred a clean soapy scent.
- Proraso White: I like sniffing it on the tub while dry. I don't notice it on my face.
- Derby Lemon: I love the scent, especially when bowl lathering.
- TOBS Sandalwood: Incense, cologne-like scent, reminds me of church and crazy gf, won't touch again.

Soaps i have smelled only dry through the packaging:
- Haslingers: Very mild scents, seem simple enough, prefer them over the 3 categories i mentioned.
- Via Barberia Aquae: Fresh, moderate in intensity,"marine scent", with a background of fresh, clean washing machine detergent, which i overall like. I read it's supposed to have citrus notes. Frankly, dry and through the cellophane, i didn't get that, but i suspect it's the "washing machine" part.

Conclusion: I think simpler scents are better for my nose, as well as milder scents. A mild scent, you can fix it through superlathering. For instance, if a Haslinger smells "nothing", i can add a dab of my wonderful Derby Lemon and make it a lemon scent. Heck, you don't even need to superlather it. You can make a small Derby lather aside and leave it on the counter and it still smells. Or, TOBS, if you like it, fine. If you don't like the scent, it's so strong that gets in your nerves, because even the brush keeps smelling forever. So strong scents, can be a double edge sword.

I am also a bit cautious after this "scent debacle" about buying more of the "high end" stuff, because it seems that the more they cost, the more you pay for overcomplicated scents, as if you had cologne in your lather.

For me, i think a more cautious, as well as more cost-effective solution, is: Haslingers + superlather with a cheap cream the scent of which i like (Derby Lemon so far) or Via Barberia (i will probably get the Fructi too, since i like lemon). And leave the cologney creams alone.

At any case, for me, so far, often less is more.

P.S.: The other obvious solutions is to buy 30 samples. Unfortunately nobody sells them locally and i couldn't care less for ordering them from UK, with 25£ limit and 14£ shipping, not to mention that a ridiculous amount of soap costs more than a tube of Proraso.
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I think scents do matter. It is part of the experience. If we're elevating something from a chore to a hobby there are many things people can enjoy. I take ages shaving (30 minutes is relatively quick, an hour or more is me enjoying myself) and having a decent smelling soap is worth every penny during those times.
I have found that, having a decent selection of soaps, I tend to reach for soaps that have the better scent, even if they don't perform quite as well as another that I don't enjoy the scent of as much. I've been trying to keep only those that I really enjoy. I don't really care how long it lasts after the shave, but want to enjoy it during the shave.
No, it's not that important but it's a great part of the shaving ritual. I like to smell a nice scent during shaving. Doesn't have to be overpowering, I don't like very intense soap scents.
Yes, for me the combination of a great scent and performance goes along way for an enjoyable shave.

Some of my favourite soaps for this are Tabac, GFT Eucris, Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood.

A great example of YMMV. Everyone has different scents, soaps, aftershaves etc. that they like.
Use what you like and what works for you, not someone else.


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Yes it is nice to have a soap that smells nice while you shave but is it really all that important when that scent fades quickly as soon as your done shaving and then put on after shave?

Yes. If you don't believe me I'll send you a sample of scented XPEC and then you'll understand. :117:

Cheers, Steve
Now I'm curious. How many of you choose your shower soaps by scent? Lol
I do I have several sents from Stirling where I have a whole set. I have the bath soap, the shave soap, the after shave and the aftershave balm. Then I will have the colone to match.

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I admit I felt the same way once I realized for me the smell just washes away. Now I put much less significance on the smell of soap.
Scents absolutely matter, if they didn't we would all just be buying the unscented offerings. As far as scent strength and/or lingering ability, many of us go scent blind when we've been exposed to a scent for a period of time. You may think the scent of the soap washes right away but many of them linger for quite a while. Case in point, I am a night shaver, I shaved around 5 or 6 pm, was rushing and didn't get a chance to put any splash on or anything. My gf mentioned how nice I smelled 2 hours later and I occasionally caught a whiff once or twice 2 or 3 hours later. Adding a splash only helps. Fragrances do the same thing, we can't smell it on ourselves but other people can.
Performance is for me much more important than scent. And you are right, the scent of a shaving soap is only fleeting... but this is all about affordable luxury, isn't it?
I've got some vintage soaps that smell like they came from an abandoned cellar. However, they're a quality barbershop brand (Oster) and they are great quality. Just as long as the scent doesn't stick to my face it's perfect. Also, a splash of OS helps to ensure I don't smell like I came from an abandoned cellar.:001_302:
If I don't like the scent, it's not getting used. Could be the best soap of all time. Doesn't matter. Luckily there's plenty of soaps that smell great and perform great.
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