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I don't like vetiver

I have commented several times that I do not like vetiver, and I have tried about 3. The other day, I wore my decant of Guerlain Vetiver and was still not impressed. A few days later, I wore it again (don't know why) and I still was not very impressed. For some odd reason, I decided to wear it again a few days later even though I do not really like it. I have no clue what happened. Divine intervention? I now love Gueralin Vetiver and just ordered another large decant. I don't know why or how this happened as I was never "so-so" on the vetiver. I really did not like it. And after some forced wearings, I may be in love. Strange.......

I suppose the only reasonable question is what vetiver should I try next (if any)? Or should I just stick with Guerlain. The two I have tried are Encre Noir and Prada Infusion Vetiver and they were not great. Smelled good on paper (and probably other people) but not on me. I have seen Lanvin Vetiver for pretty cheap, but it has garnered mostly negative reviews. Throw some ideas at me!
I can't stand Guerlain Vetiver but love Encre Noir. I've tried quite a few different vetiver fragrances and they're all so different that I have no idea what vetiver actually smells like! Classic YMMV.

Anyway, an idea to throw at you is Creed Original Vetiver.
My signature is TF Grey Vetiver which is fresh and spicy and lasts all day. I also like MDO Les Nombres d'Or which is both green and earthy but rather expensive. If you like Geurlain then perhaps you might like Montale Red Vetiver. I like the pepper in Montale, but the frag turns powdery on my skin just like Geurlain, L'Occitane and several others. There are a couple discontinued vintage vetivers that I really like, but they don't count. Have yet to try Chanel Sycomore or FM Vetiver Extraordinaire.
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Gotta love the fragrance game - I love Montale Red Vetyver, hate TF Grey Vetiver!

I meant to add above that Creed OV is one of my favourite fragrances, but I find it to be a very sweet, soapy fragrance and if you like Guerlain, then you may not like the Creed. Worth a try though, it's generally well liked.
This stuff is so ymmv. I love vetiver and yet I dislike both Montale Red Vetyver and TF Grey Vetiver. To my nose they share a similar component that turns my stomach. Same thing with Terre de Hermes.
I'm a huge fan of CdG Vettiveru. I'm out right now, but I caught a whiff of it as I walked into a shop last week and I'm determined to get a new bottle. Great stuff.
I don't know what pure vetiver smells like, but most of the vetiver scents I've tried are very good.

I agree with this.

Regarding red and Grey, Red Vetiver smells an awful lot like tdh to me, and Grey Vetiver smells an awful lot like Guerlain Vetiver. I love all four, but maybe seek out samples of the more expensive red and Grey vetivers only if you really like the other two and want to smell something maybe a bit cleaner and more refined, but still along the same lines.

Although you didn't yet care for Encre Noir, Sycomore might be worth sniffing.
Oh, I forgot...I also tried L'Occtaine Vetiver. It was a nice scent, but not something I really enjoyed wearing. And you guys are right in the sense that they all smell so different.
I sort of come and go on vetivers...

Have tried a few.

I always maintain, especially for most wet shavers, that Guerlain Vetiver is kind of the benchmark by which we judge others. It's been around since early 60s, still sells well, and is more or less a classic.

The modern vetivers (Creed OV and TF Grey Vetiver come to mind) are very contemporary takes that smell more "clean/soapy" than grassy. I think OV is a great, underrated scent for guys looking for clean, inoffensive style scent. Hard to overdo it with this one. Longevity surprised me. These two might be better for younger guys concerned about the "maturish" vibe some vetivers have.

Guerlain Vet and Malle Vet Extraordinaire kind of similar to my nose in their treatment of the Vetiver note. Pretty pronounced and grassy. Have to sample the CdG mentioned by Nid. He's got a good nose.

Creed Vetiver 1948 probably my favorite for it's ability to make me feel like it is 1964 and I'm going in to work at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. But this one has a lot going on with ginger and the ever present in older Creeds ambergris.
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Guerlain Vet and Malle Vet Extraordinaire kind of similar to my nose in their treatment of the Vetiver note. Pretty pronounced and grassy.

These were my first two vetivers and are still my favourite representations of this note. Both took a few wearings for me to figure out what all I was smelling, but I love them now.
All good suggestions. Guerlain Vetiver can be had for such a reasonable price, but some of the others that have been mentioned are simply out of my price range unfortunately. I will attempt to try some of the lesser priced ones that have been mentioned, otherwise I will just have to stick with Guerlain.......

Nobody has tried Lanvin Vetiver?
I love Creed OV...but like you mentioned it is pricy.

I would check out Floris Vetiver. Its also pricy but not as much as Creed. Its very nice. I haven't tried it but I heard Givenchy makes a nice Vetiver.
Carven Vetiver and Puig's Vetiver de Puig are both relatively inexpensive vetivers that are very good, although they are mostly what I think of as straight forward, clean vetiver scents.
Try L'Occitane Vetyver, if you like to try a woody spicy Vetiver - it's really good.

I mostly blend my other Vetiver frags - not a fan of Vetiver alone, only blended with something else....
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