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I converted another friend.

The other day We were having a BBQ at my foremans house for our crew. AKA The Fire Alarm crew. Anyways, i wasn planning on drinking, so my buddy who doesn't drink came to pick me up. he know's about my weird obsession with shaving, and had recently shaved off his beard for his new wife. he has sensitive skin. I told him about the old razors, and he seemed interested. I pif'd him an SS hefty handle, 15 derby blades, and told him to try it out. Well he just called me asking about brushes. i gave him this web sight, and told him about westcoast, and vintage blades, and told him he could get a good deal on a shave mac there. I then went and ordered him some Proraso mentholated shave soap, some tabac in the ceramis bown, and some Thayers non alcohol witch hazel. And I am going to Piff him some Mitchells wool fat.

That's Two in two weeks.......


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That's great! Wonder who you will convert next week...


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The same thing he does every night-try and take over the world!!!!!!!


That's funny.... If you were to call my cell phone and get my voice mail, you would hear.

" I'm currently not available right now, because I'm busy taking over the world! leave a message."

Maybe i should change that message, and add at the end, "one safety razor at a time"
Well done!

I've tried converting several of my mates and haven't had any success at all, unless they're keeping it secret.

I got the feeling they thought I was a little bit weird! :biggrin:

Oh well, their loss!
It is fun when people wonder why you choose to shave like you do then wonder why they don't do it as well.
I am so envious of this - whenever I talk about DE shaving the reactions I get vary from blank incomprehension to accusations of snobbish eccentricity.

Cordially, AvT.
Well My latest convert gets iritated form shaving with the modern gilletts or whatever he has been using, and he told me he had an old brush at home in Boston, that used to be his dad's, and that that was how he was tought to shave. i showed him my razor collection, and gave him a razor. Today i called him to tell him i wwas going to lend him a brush. he said that he had just bought a boar brush form wallgreens. I told him I would lend him My B&B essentials brush so he could take a badger brush for a ride.

Now, I just got off the phone with my first convert, and he asked him if he wanted me to get him a fat boy. I saw a fat boy on ebay that hadn't been bid on yet, and was going in 2 minutes. The opening bid was 24.95. I got into a little bidding war, and was able to get him the razor for 32 with 7 for shipping. But it is cased, and looks nice. I saw everything except for the silo doors. I hope they are in good condition.

it was kind of fun. I haven't bid on any open bids on ebau as of late, and won. I did however buy a silver fat handeled tech he other day, but that was for 12.99 BIN
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