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I came, I saw, I shaved...

Good morning guys,
this will be my first post here, as i have lurking through this community for a few weeks and have finally had occasion to post. i am fairly new to the world of DE shaving,(i'm 22) and have recently jumped aboard due to my love of tradition and my affliction of fair, sensitive skin. i have been using a shave soap and brush combo for some years now (given to my by another of my friends in the old-school rockabilly scene) and i found that i loved the idea, but had the technique all wrong. i received my first DE razor from ebay recently and it has quickly become the high point of my morning routine. i aquired a gilette classic from the early 20's, i'm guessing. the date is stamped onto the handle, and i've not seen another like it on this site. it came to me in a red velvet lined, nickle plated case, with a small case for blades. after quite a bit of cleaning, it seems to be all original and in fine shape. my first attemp at using it went well. no cuts, little irritation, and it only took twice the time as my mach3 =P i have since bought the green tube of proraso from target and can't wait to try it with my Taylors of Old Bond st. pure badger brush. i'm starting out here at the bottom and am quickly working my way up to excellence (with help from all of you on this site) thanks to your product reviews and how-to forums. i am proud to be one of the select few guys out there that can stand up and proudly say that i enjoy my morning shave.

Cheers~ Frankie

Welcome to our little slice of heaven! It's a joy to be able to take a mundane task like shaving and transform it into one of the most pleasurable times of the day. It's great to have you here and please, post often.

Welcome to B&B and to the rebirth of your shaving life. Keep us up to date on your progress.
Frankie, welcome aboard.

Enjoy the discovery of passing on a tradition. The members here can vouch that what was once a chore, is now an enjoyable (if addicting) morning ritual
congratulations! there is a ton of information on this site and plenty of guys who are more than willing to help anyone out. Don't be a stranger!
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