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I bought two vintage straights. Did I do good?

Nice score. I think both will shave wonderfully, you'll find out once you start honing them. If you like a razor with some patina, try using nothing but metal polish. Maybe a bit of sandpaper to take off some stubborn rust if it really needs it. You might surprise yourself at how good it looks with minimal effort. You need to get all the red rust off the Henckel.

I really like the design of the Boker, it reminds me of a Japanese SR.
I like Mothers, 3M Marine or Maas. Maas as a finish polish. 3M marine is really good but a large tub goes bad. Have had 2 tubs go bad. Next one I will decant a small amount and seal the original well, it is good stuff aggressive and high polish. My shop gets over 100 degrees.

I have used Flitz, Semi Chrome , Autosol and they are all about the same.

If you have deep stain, you can hand sand with 1000 grit wet and dry and a wine cork I like synthetic cork, flat ends and it will polish up to a high shine easily with metal polish and 0000 steel wool.

Work on a 9X11 6mm craft foam pad, any craft store, covered with a paper towel to contain the mess. The foam will compress and burry the edge into the foam so you will not cut yourself. Change towels when you polish so you don’t scratch you work with rust.

I keep hearing Maas metal polish is good, but it seems awfully expensive to me. Amazon lists an 8oz. bottle for $26.99! wow

Is it really worth that much?
And the 4oz tubes are $63! 😳
I like it and use it often but no way it’s worth that much. My local hardware store has it for under $10. It lasts a long time. Any metal polish works ime.
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