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I bought the Colonel Conk wooden bowl with lid. Is it best to rinse the inside and wipe it dry before I put the soap in it?

I've used Colonel Conk before but this is the first time I've bought the wooden bowl. I ordered it along with a new cake of Colonel Conk shave soap.
I was given a puck of Caswell-Massey shaving soap in an unfinished wooden bowl. I promptly lost the top. Hated the soap, but when it was done, I kept the bowl -- now 15 years old. I keep my puck of Trumper's Rose in it now (I was lucky and got a good puck) and I'll replace it with something else, probably TFS Bergamot Neroli.

But the bowl I have ignored, never really dried it, never polished it. Now it is warped, bleached, with a nice crack across it. I love it like this, very wabi-sabi.
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