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I bought a thing, think it's from the 30s

Well today this fine specimen of a vintage brush showed up, looking exactly as advertised. This thing has definitely not been used, you can tell handling it.


After some deliberation, I decided to take a gamble and give it a soak and shampoo, then let it dry. After a short time, it looked like this...


This is now the largest brush I own, but it is surprisingly light weight. It is 25mm at the top of the handle with fully 60mm of loft! The usable width is right about 75mm. The tips are already unbelievably soft yet there is plenty of backbone in case it loosens up some. The only comparison I can make is some kind of hybrid of a SHD knot and a 2 band. The behavior of the shafts is so similar to 2 band, it is springy and gives up lather willingly. The shape and face feel, due to the amount of hair, feels like a giant size version of my SHD badger.

If I bought this brand new in about the mid fifties, I would gladly use it without want until the hair fell out!
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