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I am SO excited!

Ive been wet shaving for a while... Been using a brush and soap for years and just started using traditional DE shaving.

I just scored a really nice kit on the sales forum. I have been lamenting some missed sales of late. Seems the sales forum here moves REALLY fast! I have been searching for a nice vintage razor and a cool brush.

Well in one purchase my den will be built! (I think its a den when you have multiples of stuff) LOL!

Very excited. Ill now have 3 brushes and two razors in the hardware section. I am SO excited to shave with a razor thats older than me.

Now to get... (the hardware and confidence) to try a straight one day and I will be all set!

Many thanks to "Sprite" for the nice kit!
1953 Y-4 and goodies all boxed nice and neat !:biggrin1: Your very welcome! and Thank you


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