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I am pretty excited - Military Sets

I am pretty excited, I always try to get stellar examples of razors. I have a few military sets. Two have original boxes and one has paperwork.
Those are some great sets! How did you get so lucky? If I were serving, back then, I'd really appreciate the one in the canvas case. That is like the field medical surgical kits we used to be issued.


Abandoned By Gypsies.
Wow. Goosebumps ogling your sets, and realizing the razor issued to granddad in World War I, and the razor issued to dad in World War II is essentially the same I will use today. Generated a slew of good memories. Thank you brother @Hecklor Koch for your service, and for reconnecting me with history and family.
Another Vet here, so military sets hold a special place. I only have one, but would be tempted to add more, even though I don't have any need for them.
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