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I am addicted, halp.

Ok, so this all started off by my girl friend asking someone about skin care, and if they use a pre-shave oil. I then had a friend of mind mention he had some AoS lemon pre-shave oil that he never uses, so he lent it to me.

I was a cartridge shaver at this point, and noticed that the pre-shave oil was like putting that little blue aloe strip all over my face before I shaved! My shaves were definitely improved.

I then ordered a merkur 180, TOBS sandalwood, and baxter's ASB. This was life changing, but only the beginning. Fast forward a month...and now I am here.

My girlfriend bought me some GFT Coral skin food for xmas, and it was ok, not as moisturizing as I thought it would be. (it is a dry cold desert where I am currently located).

I just bought TOBS avocado, some nivea ASB, and T&H's pre-shave, ultimate comfort shaving cream and after shave balm yesterday.

I am getting addicted... I still need to try GFT's rose cream, T&H's 1805, proraso? (just to see what the fuss is about) lol.

I am even thinking of getting a merkur 34C! What do I do?
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I agree, apart from the minor spelling error, everything looks normal here.

However, I'd get an Edwin Jagger DE89 instead of the Merkur...oh, and be sure to try Agua Cologna Barberia Moisturiser Plus too!
I thought saying halp would sound more enticing, but I changed it back. My humor lacks here haha.

I keep telling myself I will save more money, but I highly doubt it at this point :)
I forgot to mention, I have the Truefitt & Hill 1805... trust me, just buy it. It's great. I also have Proraso white and red. Buy those as well.
If you want something that is moisturizing for your face, great for your skin health and incredibly soothing for your face post shave, buy a bottle of Weleda Aftershave Balm. The best stuff I have ever tried, and the only thing I use on my face post shave.
Your Proraso idea is excellent. Do it; you'll be glad you did. If you start to worry about the addiction, just think of how much you're enjoying your shave every day.
Hey LT.

Your start sounds similar to mine, right down to the Merkur 180. It only gets worse from here. Welcome!

Can I interest you in a fountain pen? muahahahahha
Thanks for all of the responses! You guys are great. I usually just buy or want to buy what I hear from reviews on this site. People talk highly of TH 1805 A LOT. I just ordered the ultimate comfort and will see how that feels against my face. I think tomorrow is TOBS sandalwood :)

I like rose scents, and feel bad I don't have a cream to use with my GFT coral skin food!

CF lime sounded neat too. Too many things to try!!!!!

Has anyone tried nancy boy? I heard it is immaculate lol.
Asking what may well be the largest single concentration of wet shaving addicts for help with your addiction . . . is probably not going to get rid of your addiction. It will, however, be enormously helpful as a support group!

My advice: don't start buying full size products this early on. Your tastes will change and you will still want to try new things. T&H has a nice sample kit.
You like rose?
Mama Bear's Chypre is on sale these days, and so is her Roses.
If you like glycerine based soaps, get some.

As said, you need a R89 type indeed :)
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