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I am a strop flop

I CANNOT for the life of me effectively strop my new razor. I have stropped this thing over and over and CANNOT pass the hanging hair test!!!! :mad3:

The cloth side is easy. The leather side seems to drag a lot and I feel like I do not get good uniform contact with the blade edge. I try to keep it flat and use light pressure but the blade seems to drag on the strop.

Any advice would be appreciated ... :huh:


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The HHT is not an absolute test. A straight can be shave ready without passing the test.

Lay your strop on the side of the table so it's flat and try stropping that way (so it's like a paddle strop). Eventually, bring it back to hanging...
The HHT,IMO, is worthless. I never tested my edges by using the HHT test, too many variables. Also, if the razor didn't pass the HHT before stropping I doubt the stropping would help it.

You should feel some draw on the strop, depending on the type of strop you are using. Is the strop taught when you are using it? Are you trying to go fast or slow? Just take your time and go slow until you learn the motion. Another trick is to lay the strop on a large (thick) book on a table. Make sure you have something that keeps the strop from moving around and try stropping this way.
Ok guys thanks. I don't know if it passed the HHT before I stropped; did not see anything about it until after I started stropping. :blushing:

Put the strop on a table, and then rub vigorously with a micro-fibre cloth; hang the strop as usual and then rub with the palm of the hand for about 30 passes. The surface should then be less 'grabby' :smile:

This video by hi_bud_gl is excellent:


Have fun !

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