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I almost gave up on this razor ...

I picked up a Genco "Heavy" for $12 on the 'bay. While not listed as such, the razor was NOS. I could tell it had never been honed. It had the coarse factory edge and the most minimal of spine wear. but, and this is a big but, the person at the factory that applied the bevel rolled the toe on one side. I started with Shapton 1k and moved down to 500. I could not touch that toe. Everything else on that edge was perfect. I went down to a Shapton 320 and I just could not touch the toe. Okay, no big deal. It was only $12. But I had about 2 hours into it. I was about to toss in the towel when the 320 stone started to show me some edge.

Well, I've had it for tonight, do I lapped my stones and packed up. But when I get back to it, things should work out. I could have rolled the toe, but I wanted a consistent edge. Anybody have any tips for a ruined toe (I have others)?
You can see how the light plays differently on the two edges. This razor might have passed muster for someone that shaved their entire face. But if you use the toe to detail your beard, as I do, you would be disappointed.

It looks like I am almost there, but I think I have a bit more to go.

I don't have a pic at the moment. The bevels are nice and even on both sides, actually perfect, with the exception of the toe on only that one side.
I will be curious to hear what others have to say.

First, what better razor to learn on!

I would try using a short rolling x-stroke on the toe portion of the edge to learn how to reach the toe (the last 0.5 or 1.0 inch) - using a finer stone like an 8k. Start with light pressure and keep examining the edge after every few strokes. Then you can return to your 4k or 1k, doing the same thing.

Be patient and you will find the edge. What you don't want is a large cloud of black swarth and then realize that you removed too metal and gouged the toe.
This one has been put away. I have spent hours honing with x-strokes and I still can't get to the tip. I can see the "roll" that someone put on that tip and it may take me forever to overcome that. If I were to factor in my time, this would be my most expensive razor - and still not honed.

I get great pleasure from putting a nice edge on a razor and then shaving with that razor. But I do not enjoy dealing with these "geometry" problems. I suspect a good restorer would regrind this blade (or something) and turn out a nice razor. Or someone with better skills would roll the toe and get it sharp.

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Meh. That last bit of toe is no biggie. I think you are correct in not chasing it. The rest of the blade will catch up to the toe eventually but meanwhile it's not the end of the world if the very tippy toe doesn't shave. I have had a lot of razors like that where a previous owner rolled the x to an insane degree to get the toe and simply made the problem worse. Or the old school "pigtail" honing technique. I just hone and if all but the last 1/8" or so shaves good, then it shaves good, AFAIC.
I like smiling razors that are sharp to the very end of the toe, so often rely on the rolling X-stroke. In some cases to get it done quickly I will roll the razor onto the tip and then do a set of circles. You don’t want to overdo it, but the result is that the tip of the toe is quite sharp. There are several parts of my face where I like having a toe that is sharp all the way to the tip. On the other hand I have some hollows in my cheeks and neck where a very squared off toe (Union Spike, I’m thinking of you!) results in the sharp corner nicking me. If the toe is smiling then I don’t get the accidental nicks, but I can then position the razor so that the toe and only the toe is making contact for precision work.
That 16k edge is a bit sharp for me, so I dialed it down with an Oozuku Asagi. HHT was still there, but it should be more comfortable. Test shave in the next few days.
I am lazy, and hence usually let something like that go. My hats off to you for sticking with it. And yes I do see where you would need that edge there with beard touch ups.
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