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I admit to liking the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 3!

Hi All.

I tried the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 3 for the first time yesterday and I must admit its really good for a cartridge razor. The shave was smooth and close and I feel the guard bars on the blades and the super-lube strip or whatever it is contribute towards the smoothnesss. I have no need to try the Hydro 5 as the Hydro 3 is more than good enough.
I haven't tried the Hydro 5, but have tried the Fusion and 5 blades is way overkill. I don't like the way my chin appears to 'bury' itself in the vast array of blades it has.
I've used them both a bit, and IMO, the lubrication is just way over the top. The first time I used a Hydro 5, it seriously felt like the razor left more stuff behind than shaving cream it scraped off. :blink:
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Proud (sorta; :blushing:) to say that I really like the Hydro 3. It just flat works for me, close, irritation-free, near-BBS shaves everytime. Here's a hint, throw a thinner lather at it, like that which is provided by Pacific Shaving Co's cream & it really shines! :thumbup1: It clogs easily, so using a thinner lather helps offset this characteristic. That bulky head can tend to ride on top of a thicker lather as well.

I have absolutely zero complaints, well there is the whole lube ooze thing, but the blades are good & the ooze actually gives plenty of slickness and protection if you don't want to re-lather, so I guess it serves its purpose.

Chances are, if I am in not reaching for one of my DE's, I am reaching for my Hydro 3. I use it for touch up sometimes as well, a task it excels at.:thumbup1:

If I had to shave with a cart every day, the Hydro 3 would be it. Luckily, I don't have to! :biggrin1:
i tend to think the 3 is harsher than the 5.. the 5 seems so smooth when i have tried it and i really like the flip down top...
Well each to their own I guess. The lube on the H3 actually serves as a protection for my ATG pass which means I don't need to relather. The shave quality is so close its taking ages for my beard to grow back! What I like most about the H3 are those guard bars on the blades that really do offer protection as I barely feel them during my shave. I really CANNOT see the shave quality getting better from ANY cartridge razor.
I also enjoy the Hydro 3 (I don't always have time for a 3/4 pass shave).
I am not a complete heretic, I enjoy mixing it up with my Schick Stick injector, Krona DE, Trac II, Atra, and Dovo Shavette. I also travel a lot and my preferred disposable is a Gillette Blue 3 Sensitive (in Green - go figure):tongue_sm.
I've used them both a bit, and IMO, the lubrication is just way over the top. The first time I used a Hydro 5, it seriously felt like the razor left more stuff behind than shaving cream it scraped off. :blink:

I can't say I've done an exhaustive search, but this is probably the most negative thing I've seen on B&B about the Hydro.

If it weren't for the really annoying TV advert that seemed to be shown about 5 times an hour on all channels in December, I might have bought one.
I like it outside of the lubricating "goo" that forms.
I use it on my head regularly and have found shaking it hard after rinsing illeviates this goo.

I use it on my face if I'm in a big hurry and have had no problems there either. I notice know difference between the 3 and 5 blade versions. The 5 blade has the advantage of the flip down piece to get in tight places, but I never use that anyway.
I actually LOVE the slick lubricating goo that forms (read into that what you will :) but I wish the Hydro 3 cartridge was the size of the Mach 3. I hate cartridges that forfeit manueverability for size (once again, read into that what you will :) and I think the Hydro-3 cartridge is just a smidge too large. Difficult to shave under the nostrils with it.
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I, myself, am really liking the Hydro 3. My only complaint is that it is a bit difficult to get under the nostrils. But, all things considered, the BEST cart razor I've ever used. For those of you who use it, what soaps or creams do you use with it?
I've been using it a lot recently. I was lucky to get the introductory pack for half price in Superdrug. I have to say that it is an excellent razor (for me), smooth, comfortable, nicely shaped handle and the longest lasting cart I've come across. I did find the slime trail it leaves a bit odd on the first shave but I've got used to it and genuinely believe it helps. I'm trying to decide whether or not I will buy more cartridges for it.

I've never tried a Quattro but have fond memories of the dearly departed Protector series of two blade razors and have to say Wilkinson do a better cartridge than Gillette (for me at least) and charge less for them.
The Schick Hydro 3 is the best cart I've ever used, but agree about the size. It's too bulky to get under the nose. I only use it on my head since changing to DE, so the bulky head doesn't bother me anymore.
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