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Hypothetically speaking.

You are given a $25 gift card to Amazon which you must only use to buy your absolute favorite shaving products (creams, soaps, aftershave, etc). What do you buy?
Oy vey! Only $25 to spend on shaving?? Hmmmm.. I guess it would be Razorock Cumba Cheech OB & Jasmine shave soap & AS balm. Better be free shipping! :laugh:

Maybe two tubs of RazoRock XXX, or one tub of the RazoRock and a tube of TOBS Jermyn Street aftershave balm.
I've purchased very few shaving items on Amazon. Your $25.00 Amazon gift card would be better spent on other types of items.
I had that exact scenario at Christmas time and wound up buying RR Caribbean Coconut, Moroccan Secret, & KOTC Lime. I had to kick in 3.97 of my own, but well worth it.
A bottle of Speick A/S. If I could, I'd just take $25 cash and go nuts at my local antique store. There's a lovely 5/8 straight I've had my eye on, and I'm not even sure the proprietor knows he has it.
Tough call. I'd probably go all-in on a Jagger DE86 Black ($29) or Jagger DE89 Chrome ($31) and pay the difference.
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I'm fairly well set on blades right now and just dropped a bunch of cash in the last month on new razors, brushes, and enough soaps to last all year.

I would get some Proraso green splash and Proraso white balm. That's going to be my next shave purchase I think. I have a sample of the green and it's great.
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