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hybrid razors - one side open comb and one side safety bar?

hey so what hybrid razors are there out there which have one side open comb and the other side safety bar?

only one i have is the russian saviour de razor which takes two blades, can anyone else name other ones too?

i do like being about the flip over for example doing the bulk of the head shave with the open comb but then using the sagfety bar side to cut the side burn, as in top of the beard on the side where it starts
IKon OSS comes to mind, but considered pretty mild:

actually looks nice, as mild as a tech or more aggressive do you know?
As far as I know definitely more efficient than the Tech.

I have Lupo 95 and I heard that 72 Open Comb is almost as efficient as Game Changer 84 Close Comb but smoother.

These well made razors are a joy to use and works well with a wide range of blades.
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