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Hunted by a Sniper Team, It's a Good Thing


Expecting to hear from a member today, initially I wasn't too surprised to see a pm pop-up.... that is until I saw the title.

"There is a target on your back....". :blink:

Then I opened it to read:

"You can't run and you can't hide...

We here at the Sniper Team, have had our eyes on the community waiting for just the right target to come along for us to "hit". It has been documented by our ever watchful team that you are a valued member to the community, by acts of generosity, helpful posts to those in search, and general over all attitude that you bring to Badger and Blade. As a result we have decided to pull the trigger and send you a token of our appreciation.........."

I can't remember ever being so shocked and pleasantly surprised at the same time!
..... And I never thought that the years of liberally dispensing blueberry bagels would really payoff.

Having personally seen "James of the inky cat" get hit by the Sniper Team years ago, I knew they existed..... but I really thought that, for me, they would remain in the realm of legend.

I am so humbled by this gesture that I find myself almost speechless.

The thought of which, is certain to cause people that know me well, to laugh very loudly, while snorting and in general behaving quite unbecoming.

So it's probably best if I end this now by saying I really love B&B and the whole community that makes this such a special place.
Thanks so much for letting me hang out with you all and for making me feel so welcomed.


I still have and use the mug the sent me... it's one of my favs because of how it came to me. So happy to see you get s snipe Connie, much deserved indeed. Enjoy
Congratulations it is a well deserved honor.

We don't do nice things around here for the recognition but it's still really nice when somebody notices as it makes you feel good about what you've done. It's a very pleasant surprise to get targeted, very well done.