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FS Huge Soap and Aftershave Lot. Priced to Sell.

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Friends, I have to move some items and my loss is your gain. This aftershave and soap lot will be sold AS ONE COMPLETE LOT.
Please, do not ask me to break it up. Therefore, the prices are rock bottom.
First, the aftershave and colognes.

From Left to right
Back Row
1) Chiseled Face Groomatorium Midnight Stag
2) Chiseled Face Groomatorium Ghost Town Barber
3) Murray & Lanman Florida Water (Mentholated)
4) Ogallala Bay Rum, Lime & Peppercorns
5) Clubman Special Reserve (Unopened)
6) Pierre Cardin Eau de Toilette
Middle Row
1) Yardley English Lavender
2) Ogallala Bay Rum Double Strength
3) Aramis Eau de Cologne
4) Pinaud Lilac Vegetal
5) Vintage Lilac Vegetal bottle with product
6) Asylum Shave Works Old Virginia
7) Decanted Clubman Special Reserve
Front Row
1) AoS (all original formula and rare) Lemon ASG
2) Lemon ASB
3) Lavender ASB
4) Lavender ASG
5) Sandalwood ASB
6) Sandalwood ASG
7) Vintage Old Spice Burley AS
8) Vintage Old Spice Burley Cologne
9) Vintage Old Spice Leather




The Soaps:

All are used, but nearly full.
1) Mystic Water Lilac
2) Vintage Crabtree & Evelyn Lavande
3) Turtleship Shave Co. Patchouli
4) Lemon (Tallow)
5) ASW Old Virginia
6) Vintage Valobra Cologne (New)
7) Tallow & Steel Indian Bay

I will sell the entire lot for $200 SHIPPED Conus/PayPal
Shipping alone is going to cost me over $30 dollars.
Look at my feedback. I am someone who is 100% trustworthy and reliable.
This is an INSTANT shave den, with product left over to give to your shaving friends.
Again, please do not ask me to break this lot up.
PM me if interested.
Thanks for looking.
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Adding three more soaps and a shave brush.



All included in the $200 SHIPPED/CONUS/PayPal.
I am not going to leave this up indefinitely. Deals like this don't come around everyday. I am simply doing a major den-thinning and have no interest in selling the products individually. Therefore the rock-bottom price.
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