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Hr. E.A. Berg - Makeover

So, this is the result of a couple of hours work on the E.A. Berg I got from my brother last week. It is still no beauty, but no longer look like its straight from the street. So my first restore!

The scales is still original bakelite, one side that cracked when unpinning is successfully fixed by superglue. After cleaning i just gave them a polish with 2500 wet paper followed by Autosol and last Turtle car wax for some shine (and I like the smell:001_tongu)

The blade was a bit difficult to give a shine for two reasons: First there was EA Berg trademark of a shark etched on one side and I was afraid to remove it. Second, the nature of this blade coming from a sheet of metal with regular vertical lines from the manufacturing would be too much trouble to remove and I don't see any reason to try that. The blade material seems quite hard as well compared to other I have been playing with.

The spine on the other hand is just as Jens commented very soft. It was very easy to pry it loose and attach back to the blade. I was afraid to remove too much material here so i left most of the pitting as it was, satisfied by just cleaning it up a bit. After all, this was a "cheap" razor manufactured during a very poor period in Swedish history so it is kind of representative that it is a bit scurfy / after all its about 130 years old.

All in all I feel quite good about it - Now if only my Shapton set could arrive so i could give it an edge and start shaving! Or, maybe Ill make a run on the Nortons and hope I can make a decent finish on couticle.


Those scales polished up nicely! Good job on the pinning as well! I must warn you though, this hobby is very addictive and you won't save any money shaving.
Thank you!
Fortunately I am not even trying to convince myself that I do this to save money. ;)

It is however good fun and I get the chance to expand my collection of straights without spending ridiculous sums of money !!
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