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How would you rate the Feather Popular's durability vs zamak razors?

Been shaving with a Feather Popular for a few weeks except for a business trip where I had to use a Bic Disposable.

Wondering how durable the Feather Popular is? After consistent use for a few weeks it appears to be a very quality product and it looks like brand new despite having plastic components. Initially I thought this might last a year but now I am thinking it may last as long as a decade with daily shaves.

I get extremely comfortable shaves with this budget razor, and I am wondering if I should buy a spare in case this product is discontinued or it breaks.

For those that have more razors and experience, how long does the Feather Popular last? Will it outlast Zamak razors like the EJ 89 or Merkur? How would you rate the build quality of the Feather Popular to other razors on the market today?
I have shared some thoughts in this thread, hope it helps:

TL;DR to your last 2 questions: IMHO yes; question too broad
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