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How will you shave during Zombie Apocalypse?

May have to call the one here. Did they look at you like you were crazy when you brought that thing in lol
Well they have to do it not all shops do Cerakote but its cheap so. And no they have had weirder requests they actually thought it was cool
have you ever noticed that zombies never have beards ? not even a mustache.
So I plan to grow a beard.
you can't get zombied with a beard.
BBS shaves using all my current razors with Gillette yellows and feathers. Will be plinking zombies when I get too bored with the ak and the ar.

Who cerakoted your razors if I may ask? Love the fiveseven, it's stupid accurate in my experience and would never even think about selling mine. Almost effortless one hole ragged groups every time.
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