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How to use a brush scuttle

Over on Great Southern Land we've organised a Brotherhood of the Travelling Brush Scuttle. :biggrin1:

Basically we're going to send a brush scuttle around Australia so that people can try one out and see if it's for them.

Much cheaper than buying one and finding you don't like it.

I promised the guys I'd write up some instructions and figured why not post them here so everyone can benefit :thumbup1:

Note there's two main types of ( modern ) scuttles.

1. The brush scuttle is mainly used by face lathers. It's small, just big enough to fit your brush in. You built your lather on your face ( or some do it in another bowl ), and in between passes you put your lathered brush into it to keep the lather warm .

2. "Full size" scuttle, where the lather is built and stored in the scuttle in between passes.

The principle's exactly the same and all the instructions below hold true except in step 6 the lather would be built in the scuttles bowl rather than on the face.

There is nothing quite like warm lather on a cold wintery morning :thumbup:


1. Fill outer chamber with hot water


2. Fill inner chamber with hot water.


3. Soak brush in inner chamber as you normally would and go about your normal preperation. This not only soaks your brush but also pre warms the scuttle.


4. Empty both inner and outer chamber


5. Refill only the outer chamber with hot water


6. Lather up ( on face or in lather bowl )


7. In between passes place your brush ( and lather ) into the inner chamber.


8. Enjoy hot lather for your entire shave :biggrin1:

Note that I've found that the heat will kill your lather a bit. To me this isn't actually a disadvantage but an advantage as I spend more time face lathering to rebuilt the lather which I believe results in better preperation.

Hope this helps someone out there !!!!!!
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Great post Ian! That is a nice looking scuttle too. I hope to get one eventually. For now, I'm using my $4.00 TJ Maxx ceramic soup bowl to get semi-warm lather. It works, but not that great and not that long...:bored:

Thanks for the post!
Ian, Thank you... thank you! I was wondering about those scuttles and proper usage. The explanation and pics are superb.

But now, I'm upset with you... because now I want one! More money to spend on this new fixation of mine. And I thought I spent a lot of money on old Hot Wheels and old comics... sheesh.
Ian, is that a Dirty Bird? What size?


No it's not a Dirty Bird. Shipping a scuttle from overseas to Australia was very expensive because the weight boosted up the postage so high :huh:

Tasmania is known for it's arts and crafts so I worked with a local potter down here in designing.

It's hopefully a good alternative for Aussie shavers and also helps a local artisan out ! :thumbup1:
Great scuttle there. I have a steve woodhead size 1 scuttle and I use it in the same way. I wish it was a little deeper though.
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