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How to stop buying razors?

If 3 is a problem what is it called at 28?
I should add that 10-12 years ago, I went a little nuts after having just a couple razors, blades, soaps/creams, and twenty-thirty blades on hand. All of a sudden, I was buying more of everything from reading forums like this one. I avoided joining forums in those days but you'd read a thread about something and say to yourself, "Ooh, I NEED one of those!" I got rid aof a lot of stuff but I still have nine razors, five brushes, a good dozen+ soaps/creams, about six or seven aftershave balms, six bottles of vintage Old Spice, at least four of their mugs (one still sealed with a puck of OS soap), and about a thousand various blades. Point being, I get it. ;)
You need a detox. You buy because it’s easy to do so. Most here enjoy shaving, but many enjoy shopping more than shaving. It makes you feel good and creates some nice feeling while you wait for the next epic mail call.

My tips:
- Clean your browser’s history
- Clean your browser’s cookies
- remove your saved credit cards from your digital wallets
- Stay away from the computer and phone for a few days
- every time you feel the need to buy something, go to your shaving den, look around and realize you’ve got plenty
Okay so this week I bought a Rex Ambassador and a Rocnel Sailer 2022 edition. I received the Rex but waiting on the Sailor to arrive in Canada. I honestly need to stop! Lol help!!
You said you needed help. I think you forgot the adjustable Muramasa:)
You just reminded my about the Sailor. I have been wanting one for a while.
I can't offer you any help, as i am lost at sea too:)
If you don't have a goal and you just want to try the latest and coolest razor on the market, then I doubt that you are going to stop anytime soon. My current goal is to find the remaining few vintage razors for my collection and then I'm done with the vintage razors. With the modern razors, other than a few razors that I have in my mind, I'm planing to wait for something new and innovative to be released and maybe I will try them out.
There is no problem yet. Two razors, there are still many more to buy.

If there are no exciting new razors around you can try, in any order:

1.) Flashlights
2.) Knives
3.) Cognac (or Whiskey, but I only liked Bourbon so far)
4.) Trailrunning or running
There are way more sneakers than razors. I just started my collection.
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Just follow the watch thread in the haberdashery sub-forum and/or the edc knife thread in the great outdoors one. Those will soon siphon off so much cash you'll wish you'd stuck with just DE razors.
Now, that's speaking truth to power. Shaving is cheap compared to watches, knives, firearms, photography, and quite a few other interests. If I spent a grand over, say, the past 20 years on shaving, I'd be surprised. I can spend that on one firearm in the blink of an eye!
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