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How to stop buying razors?

I own a total of 9 razors, 2 modern and 7 vintage Gillette. I should have two less (one per day of the week). Honestly, I have to force myself to use more than 3-4 of them as they are my preferred razors. Frankly, I could get by just fine with my Ball End Tech and Feather AS-D2. What I need help with is soaps/creams. I got rid of some stuff recently that was aging and said to myself, good, I've got enough. Then, this past week, I bought 4 more jars of shaving creams just because I got a sale price, no taxes, and free shipping. But at least they were all replacements for stuff I ran out of or was low on.
Good luck.. I have no advice for you..
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This forum is the most eager set of enablers outside the liquor store next to AA headquarters.
Honestly though, people spend large sums of disposable income on a lot of things, some of which I'm sure you or I would find silly or frivolous.
If the mortgage is paid, there's food in the fridge, and the kids have shoes, then what you do with your funds is no ones business besides you and your other half.
If it truly has you worried, there actually are groups that can help with obsessive shopping disorders.
I suspect that's not the case though, and as it is generally in 99% of such declarations, it's more of a recognition that we are all in the same family here, as odd a family as it may be!


My Elbows Leak
Easy, browse the everything else fora and, get new hobbies to spend money on.

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