How to remove a knot from a new brush

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    Hello fellow B&B

    It is with some embarrassment that I ask this question. I recently purchased a Frank Shaving G2 brush from the fleabay thinking it was a great deal. I have to say the brush is stunningly beautiful and that was the main reason I purchased it but after using twice now I have to say the synthetic knot is the worst knot I have ever used. It is stiff to the point of being unreasonable. Please note that I usually like to do circles on my cheeks and paint the rest of the neck and chin areas.

    That works for me with all my other brushes, synthetic, boar and badger brushes. It will only splay if I put serious downward pressure to the point it begins to get uncomfortable. Well, enough said, at this point I am thinking of removing this dreadful knot. This being a new brush, what do you recommend I do to remove it without damaging the handle? Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  1. I would cut the bristles flush, and then carefully drill holes into the knot. Then scrape out the knot. Older knots could be steamed out, but with newer glues, that's not going to work.

    I just noticed. That collar is a separate piece. Find out if it unscrews or pops off. Maybe someone here knows.
  2. I'll take a look tonight, but I don't think the collar separates.
  3. Cured resins are resistant to temps considerably higher than boiling water. Steam that sucker out. Bakelite... not so much. But that ain’t bakelite. Keep in mind you will always be taking a chance though. That may be some junk resin I’m not familiar with and you could ruin it, but I highly doubt it.

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