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Discussion in 'Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In' started by Kyle, Nov 28, 2006.

    The only thing(at the moment)that I'm unsure of is whether I should re-lather after a second pass? Such as, if on the first pass I shave N-S, do I re-lather before the E-W pass?

  1. Yes. Don't shave without lather.
  2. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus

    +1. Any time the blade touches your face it should be with a barrier of lather between.
  3. Stellar Article, Thanks Kyle.

    Very well researched, concise, and useful. Many people could benefit from your sense of skepticism, and your demands for proof, before ascribing to a certain product or technique for an entire lifetime.

    About the science, I'm not exactly Stephen Hawking, but in my fourth year of an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, it all looks beautifully consistent. Top notch research, as I said. And thank you for not dumbing the thing down to the point that the message is lost; keeping the true terms in there lets people truly understand the subject rather than just create their own hybrid "yuppie knowledge".

    Some serious work went into it. Thank you, I will definetely give it a shot.
  4. Kyle: That is a weighty tome which is equally profound! Thank you! To sterilize your towels place them in the microwave for one minute or more.

    You have a coarse not course beard.

    I take Sasparilla but no sass. John Wesley Hardin noted shootist, pistolero, etc.
  5. I have used this technique on my last three shaves and it has been great! The one thing I have noticed that is a sign that you're ready to start your first pass is once you take the towel off your face and neck, my skin has been red like a bad sunburn only where the towel was. That tells me the warm towel was hot enough and on my beard long enough that it's the prime time to start cutting!
  6. Here are some steaming towels.

    I may pick those up, since they're not expensive.

    Would it be alright to microwave those towels? I wouldn't want myself or anybody to start a house BBQ.

    And of course, great write up.
  7. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus

    Thank you kindly. I am glad that someone with your credentials has spoken up in regards to the validity (or lack thereof) of the research. Some of the vocabulary used was very new to me so it is reasuring to hear that I didn't botch any of it.

    I hope that the procedure proves to be as useful for you as it has for me.
    Interesting thought on microwaving the towel. Is this a practice you use, and if so:

    1.) How long do you "cook" the towel?
    2.) How wet is it when you place it in the microwave?

    Thanks for the spelling correction. It has been fixed.

    Glad to hear that it is working for you.
    I've not tried the towel/microwave trick. Hopefully some of those that have can provide more insight here.
  8. On Microwaving Towels:

    Be absolutely sure to moisten/dampen the towel first. I know from experience that if you put a dry-ish towel in the microwave, and it has only a couple of small spots on it that are wet, the moisture focuses all of the heat on those points and literally burns holes right through the towel. Just a heads up.

    As a side note: , never, ever try to melt a Toblerone bar in the microwave to make hot chocolate. I have no idea WHY, but apparently the nougat causes a similar plasma reaction to a lit match in the microwave. A huge amount of light and energy is emmited from the microwave, as well as the forming of a toxic gas (I can't recal which gas). Very, very dangerous.
  9. This is really informative and well researched stuff. I thank you for it. It looks like it does take a bit of work and effort, although I think if done effieciently it wouldn't take too long to do. Maybe 10 minutes? We all wish there was just one bottle we could turn to for a quick slathering and the perfect pre-shave. But it takes some effort to make the right set up for the face to be ready for a good shave. Thanks again.
  10. Hi Kyle - First of all, I haven't even bought my second straight razor (my first was 50 years ago & demonstrated, tutored by my grand-dad) - my wife envisions other uses for it when I talk about it. What your prep talk shows is a perfect illustration of the old saw, "you don't plan to fail, you just fail to plan". The sharpest blade, the best professional honing, the most perfect technique might just produce another Texas chain-saw massacre on my face if I don't prepare the ground! Thanks for the tip!:thumbup:
  11. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus

    As experience is often the best teacher, I would love to hear what tips and tricks you've picked up during your 50 years of straight shaving.
  12. Kyle,

    I missed this in my absence. This is a huge jump start lesson that will save many years of trial and error. The thorough scientific background really helps me to understand why certain things work and others don't.

    This also sheds some light on why I have taken a liking to pre-shave oil. I don't like doing a thorough prep everyday. I think I will only use the pre-shave oil on the days when time is at a premium.

    I'm normally an analytical kind of a guy, but I have been trudging my way through this private obsession of mine for many years with mostly my own trial and error lessons. For instance, one of the reasons Colonel Conk almond works so well for me is because I find the scent almost intoxicating, and spend quite a bit of time brush massaging my face with it. At least now I know why.

    I feel like an experienced musician who just now learned to read music, thanks.:thumbup:
  13. Thanks Kyle,

    I tried the method today, and had easily my best shave. Very close shave with NO irritation.
  14. So easy, even a CAVEMAN can do it!!
  15. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus

    :thumbup: :lol:
  16. Used Kyle's method again..... another great shave better than last time.... It is now my method..... muuuhhahahahaha. thanks kyle
  17. Kyle, this newb thanks you for this invaluable information. When I have time (about half my shaves) I have been using the hot towel in combination with Proraso Pre/Post cream. I use scalding water from my water cooler, then let it cool down until its just bearable. The results have been fantastic!
  18. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus

    I'm glad it's working for you, and I envy your hot/cold water cooler. :biggrin:
  19. Thanks for the How-To! Very informative, and it gave me good results (better than pre-shave shower). I'll definitely make this a habit.

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