How-to: Pre-Shave Prep

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  1. Great article, thanks for sharing!
  2. This is a fantastic thread! Thank you so much for your post! I will try this as soon as I have the time to! Some new info here that I had been missing out on. Again, thank you! I hope this is what I needed to bring my shaving to the next level.
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    How was it?
  4. Hi.
    Practically speaking, how do you guys do the three minutes with the towel? Do you lean back in a chair like at the barber's, or do you keep it pressed with your hands in front of the mirror?
  5. +1: I'm wondering the same thing. Someone please shed some light.
  6. Thanks for the advice on pre-shave prep. exactly why I joined.
  7. googled this - figures I'd end up here as usual ;)
  8. Three minutes with a towel is a lot. Research--much cited in B&B threads--shows that the beard reaches maximum softness with about three minutes of exposure to water, which includes washing and lathering your face. After a shower I--if there's time--do 30-60 seconds with a wash cloth, which I think is more for relaxation and the ritual rather than further beard softening or skin care. When I skip the wash cloth I don't notice any difference in the shave quality. YMMV.
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    Wow, you have done your homework, sir!
  10. These days I just wash my face thoroughly for a couple of minutes. It seems to give the same result as when I did 10 minutes of prep.
    I do wonder if all this elaborate prep is papering-over technical issues with the actual shave. Back in the day not many men would do this kind of thing for their daily shave & for decades Gillette's own advice for a good shave was
    "after washing, lather for at least 2 minutes"
    or alternatively
    "wash your face with warm water & soap. Rinse & leave it wet. Lather up, wait a minute (for tough beards an extra minute) then start shaving."
  11. Yes I also face lather & should have mentioned that.
  12. It's difficult to compare enthusiast/hobbyist shaving with the workaday shaving of yore. We use different equipment, different supplies, and different techniques for different goals.

    That said, I don't do a ton of prep either, only a couple easy quick things...and even when I skip it I can't really tell the difference so I'm not sure why I do it.
  13. Great thread, I learned a lot. Bump.
  14. Wow! Great thread. As a completely, 100% noob, this was very informative. Thanks!

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