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How to get outstanding results of the La Lune hones?

Play around with consistency till it is giving all it can. I have to say the best edge I ever had was a jnat edge nelson put on a j drew wedge. No idea what his sequence was, but it was electric sharp out of the gate. It is still going strong.
As is the case with most henkie hones, less is more.

That J. Drew was a fun razor to hone I remember, my notes indicate I went striped Iyoto, Asano Yae Botan, Tenyjou, Atsu, Mejiro, TBN, Koma and mystery Nakayama Tomo on my Nakayama Asagi.
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That razor is still crazy sharp and it has a lot of shaves on it. When it first showed up though, it was insane.
I did try the solution mentioned by KCB and Bayamonate to use Glycerin and a Water Mixture, and yesterday i got some very good results....

As mentioned to pressure was used, i took around 50 laps....the razor cut very well and smoothness was quite good...

So it seems its really something about the tecnique is used and probably the usage of Glycerin gives a certain benefit....

How did you all mixed the glycerin water solution ? I just did it 50/50...
Personally, I just put some drops on the hone, add water and mix with my finger. Ashamed to admit but I am not terribly scientific about this sort of thing. I just try to get it to a point where it is providing some buffer and doesn't feel whacked to hone on.
I spray the hone as I normally would and place one drop of glycerin one inch apart from eachother the length of the hone.

Thank you both Nelson and Keith! I just thought there might be something around how the mixture should be used like...

I will try your method Nelson and see how it works....
Well, here I go again. I use only clean water from the tap on a yellow coticule to raise a little slurry. I dilute that slurry as I hone to obtain a very nice edge. I strop that edge on a clean plain linen strop then on a plain clean leather strop. I get very nice shaves with excellent edges every day I get to shave. I don't mix rocks and I don't mix anything to put on my rock or my strops. I have some blue Belgium stones but I haven't cracked the code on those for razors yet. I have a lot of other stones for sharpening edges but they are used on tools. For razors, if an edge has undergone a lot of work cleaning it up causing a lot of bluntness then I'll set the bevel with a more coarse stone then on to the coticule as quickly as I can. I go a long time between hone jobs on my razors. My clean strops keep my edges keen and shave ready. Once my edge goes beyond what leather will correct it gets a few stroks on a coticule to return it to its place in rotation. This works for me to remove the wire that grows from my face and I enjoy the close cut smoothness I cannot get any other way. I hope this helps with the struggle.


Approach for coticules does not really apply to the finishing stone we are discussing. Obviously, one must have good technique and practice good habits across all stages of their progression.
My beard is nasty stuff in spots. Particularly where it is white. I usually face lather to give it a real shot of softening up.
Well, the post he put up has nothing to do with lunes. It's out of place and about coticules and touching up blades to cope with his overly tough beard. IDK why it is here.


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I've been using my special stone quite a bit lately after a coticule. I'm doing dilutions on the coti all the way to water, then the special stone with Smiths honing solution for 12-20 really light x-strokes. The shaves have been really good and very skin friendly. Seems to be a really good combo for me.
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