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How to fix a non-spraying bottle?

so I did a month of scentbird and the stupid bottle they sent won’t spray it just leaks out the top any suggestions besides using it as a splash?


I am not sure. Is the nozzle just blocked, is it damaged? I am not familiar with Scentbird. I have sort of fixed a blocked nozzle by turning it upside down and placing the nozzle in hot water, then wiping the nozzle and it has freed up the spraying mechanism.

The Knize

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Try a working nozzle from another bottle. I am guessing that the bottles and sprayers Scentbird is using come from the same Chinese manufacturers that produce the decant bottles/sprayers available to folks like us in general. Quality control is not top notch but frankly I doubt Scentbird if willing to pay more for them could come up with a source more reliable. It is hard to tell which bottles are going to fail in advance.
I've been transferring some of my favorite aftershaves to generic travel spray bottles.

However, when I tried the Reuzel aftershave in one of these bottles, it would not spray, it would just squirt a solid stream. I replaced it with water, and it worked just fine.
The Reuzel is slightly cloudy, so I'm guessing that there may be some fine solid particles suspended in it that mess up the spray nozzle.