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How to find my scent?

Depends on what suits you. A scent will smell differently on different people.
I find that traditional Turkish Kolonya, like Osmanli, or Duru are pretty low key, but are refreshing and non offensive.
Got my 10 Penhaligon samples. Don't know which is which. I guess it is in the same order as I had it in the comments to my order. I hope this is in the order confirmation email as it isn't in the web shop.
I sadly asked twice for Equinox Bloom, so I have only 9 different samples from Penhaligon. I tested so far three of their EdTs and all three were very nice. It might be some work to narrow it down to my favorites.

My second order, which could arrive on Tuesday, contains Faberge Brut, the Spanish Aqua Velva (both so cheap that a sampler doesn't make sense) and for personal historic reasons L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme after-shave (sample would have made sense, but it was so easy to put it into the cart).
And it is very difficult to scrub of Opium. Soap, olive oil and it is still there.

If I like multiple of my samples, how could I narrow these down to a few? I don't want to spend thousands on Penhaligon perfumes. The Blenheim Bouquet has the advantage that there are shaving supplies with that scent.