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How to face lather a hard soap with a badger brush (Video tutorial)

I made this video tutorial for anybody that was interested in learning how to face lather a hard soap with a badger brush.

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Great video! It's another road to Rome IMHO and if it works for people then do it. Personally it's way too much soap for me and therefore would cause my skin irritation (especially with a softer "hard" soap like Tabac) but it is very similar similar to what I do with the English hard soaps.

So all in all bravo!

What a cheater you are using Tabac!!!

JUST KIDDING. Very nice video! I love how this community is so keen on helping each other. That's a nice brush too!
Great video. As a bowl latherer that occasionally face lathers, it was nice to see what a good technique looks like. Key takeaway - use a lot of soap!
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