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How to darken Chromexcel leather?

I'm picking up the currently available allen edmonds long branches in golden brown chromexcel (4 to 6 weeks manufacturing) but think the color is a bit light for my taste. Anyone have hints on darkening them? I've got obenauf's and lexol, and I'd like to avoid petroleum-based products.

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I think a few polishings with a darker shade will do the trick..Worst case scenario ,you will have to use a deglazer,re-dye,condition,then polish.
Let us know if you have any luck. The Chomexcel leather I have is so full of the waxes and oils that Horween infuses into them that I think they might be difficult to work with and get even results. ie: deglazer doesn't seem like it'd really do much to the leather to suck the color out of it since it's so waxy and stuffed full of things other than dye.
Thanks for the advice, all. Does anyone know if I would have luck with a diluted dark brown fiebing's dye? Or is Chromexcel just that infused that it would become spotty? I was planning to do a spot test anyway, but wondering if anyone has tried that already.
The only two colors of chromexcel I have are oxblood and black, so I haven't experimented. I can try to use deglazer on the oxblood and see if it pulls any color out if you'd like.
I forgot to ever make good on getting after a piece of chromexcel with deglazer. Here you go:

The deglazer immediately takes the black right out of the leather, but since it's chromexcel it is pretty resilient. But if you do it enough the top of the leather starts to look gray like when you use deglazer on cheaper leather like on a coat or a purse. So you can definitely take the color out of Chromexcel if you want to, but you'll leave the leather depleated of all those waxes and oils that Horween infuses into the leather. ie: I wouldn't go this route before trying to darken your item.

$horween1.jpg $horween2.jpg
Apologies for zombying an old post. I wonder what the OP ended up doing?

There's also Saphir Cream Greasy Leather, which is a highly recommended cream for Chromexcel, which comes in different colors, including black. Using this could darken your leather, if not dramatically at first, but gradually over time.


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There's also Saphir Cream Greasy Leather
Not sure about this particular product ... probably a good one ... but generally shoe creams tend to be more "soak in" and pigment-heavy, and pastes more "sit on top" and focus more on creating a really good, shiny shine.

Repeated applications of a good shoe cream ... not paste ... that is a darker colour (even using black every second time) ... will probably do a good job.